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GQ Tissues commercial products


GQ Tissue is on the cutting edge of tissue, serviette & industrial tissue manufacturing in SA. Over the past 5 years – they have established themselves as providing a reputable “away from home” product.


As a result – GQ Tissue has become one of the leading suppliers to the hygiene, catering, hospitality, health care, forecourts and the cleaning industry. Large National Industrial companies – rely on GQ Tissues’ products to help and ensure cleanliness for their companies and their employees. “Our ability to provide flexible customer focused solutions, means we have a diverse client base”.


It is no wonder that their products are one of the top choices, as they also provide superior washroom solutions.
“We supply a diverse range of tissue products – including toilet paper, hand towels, garage roller towels, wipes and facial tissues – amongst others”.
“You can be assured that our products are and will always be of the highest quality, after all we take pride in our product” – says Razak Lakhana (Founder & director of GQ Tissue Products)


GQ Tissue continually strives to ensure complete compliance in their range.




Industrial wipes supplied by GQ Tissues

Industrial Wipes

GQ Tissue Washroom solutions

Washroom Solutions