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GQ Tissue is on the cutting edge of tissue and serviette manufacturing in SA. With only concentrating on the Facial Tissue and Serviette market – they have established themselves as providing a reputable product. They have become a household name over the past years and are a trusted name with all “our” customers and their consumers.


“With strategic implementation we can promote, advertise and merchandise out the box ideas” – says Ridwaan Lakhana (Owner / Director of GQ Tissues Products). “As they say it all comes down to successful knowhow and the understanding of the SA markets needs”. When it comes to the “tissue” industry – GQ Tissue knows just how to do that.


Only the best material is used to produce the Satin Touch Facial Tissue Range and the Table Magic Serviette Range. Product innovation is on the forefront of all projects, in order to continuously meet the consumer’s needs. Unique product and content innovation is the order of the day. Identifying the market and the consumers needs – has enabled GQ Tissue to partner with some of the Top Retail Chains in SA and across border.


This forward thinking has enabled GQ Tissue to be able to supply the market and in fact produce some of the SA Retail Industries top chains – house brands.
GQ Tissue believes passionately in both promotion and advertising. Any promotional execution is in accordance with prescribed strategic marketing and sales guidelines. GQ Tissue also negotiates premium space within the retail environment through visually exciting products, ends, shelf strips and other highly effective POP (point of Purchase) tools. “Our thorough understanding of the South African Market allows us to move quickly and efficiently when implementing aggressive strategic marketing decisions” – says Ridwaan Lakhana. In doing this – it has allowed GQ Tissue to effecvely position its products against competitive brands in order to gain market share.













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